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modular church welcome center furniture

Create Your Own Design

With our new modular desk solutions you can choose from 8 different 2 foot cabinets, either 42 inches tall or 36 inches tall. Mix and match to create the desk you need. Each cabinet connects to the others on any 2 foot side, giving you literally hundreds of ways to assemble your welcome center furniture design. Each cabinet features leveling feet, laminate body and laminate counter tops (your choice of Wilson Art standard laminate). The 2 foot x 2 foot square cabinet features the above plus a locking door and drawer with aluminum wire pulls and an adjustable shelf. Cabinet sizes are shown in the image below:

modular-sizes-smNew Revolutionary Modular System

This modular welcome center system is designed for those looking for a beautiful custom designed look and feel but may not have the full budget to get it. This lower cost solution is treated with the same care and quality of craftsmanship as all of our custom cabinetry. These are not prefabricated “cheap” cabinets. These cabinets are still custom built by our team of professional carpenters at the highest of standards for commercial quality furniture. Please allow four to six weeks for construction.

We have taken the initiative to give you a handful of ideas to get the wheels turning. Below are just a few  ways you could assemble the modular system to form a beautiful custom welcome desk that has both form and function:

Not Sure What You Need?

Let us put together a 3D model (like the ones below) for you to take a look at along with a customized quote including delivery at no charge.


All Cabinets (both 42″ and 36″ tall) are $610 each with the exception of the curved cabinets (both 42″ and 36″ tall) which are $710 each.

Multiple Cabinet Discounts Available

Discounts are calculated for multiple cabinet orders

Shipping Costs

Shipping charges are not included and will be calculated per order due to the fluctuation of freight charges based on the order size

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