65 Inch Industrial Console

$8000.00 includes delivery to anywhere in the contiguous United States.

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This console is the perfect addition to any room. it can be used as a POP display, information desk, coffee cart or just to add some interest to a room.


  • Overall Height – 36 Inches
  • Overall Width 65 inches
  • Overall Depth – 20 inches


  • 2 upper doors with mesh, 2 lower doors with solid steel fronts
  • Wood front doors and matching top (reclaimed boxcar wood shown)
  • Boxcar Oak is around 1.25″ thick, Worn Oak is 1″ thick
  • Remotes work through the mesh doors
  • 6″ swiveling locking casters make it easy to move around
  • Weight: around 225 lbs

Pricing Information:

  • $8,000 includes delivery to anywhere in the contiguous United States
  • This item require 6 to 10 weeks to build

To Order: Call Todd at 817.422.2329 or email todd@envisionaryimages.com