14 Foot Twin Tower Church Information Center

Church Welcome Center DesignChurch Welcome Center Design

This high-design church welcome center is a tri-level information/reception desk with a gracefully curved exterior, lower-level center counter, two tall display towers, and standing-level countertop bars at each end. Our Twin Tower system provides generous storage space with a multitude of deep cabinets and drawers and open-ended cubby holes under each of the towers. The two-tone body laminate can be specialized to match almost any interior color scheme at no additional cost, and the desk can be coupled with another matching unit to create a multidimensional information center. See additional information to learn about pricing and upgrades.


  • 14′ wide
  • 32″ deep
  • 42″ tower counters
  • 30″ tall lower counter
  • 36″ mid level counter

Pricing Information:

  • Welcome center is $8500  and includes delivery to anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Below is one we built for LifeBridge.TV

To Order: Call Todd at 817.422.2329 or email todd@envisionaryimages.com