24 Inch x 24 Inch x 8 Inch Accent Column Sign

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Our custom crafted accent column stand is a handsome and commanding way to highlight any room or church reception area. The sturdy, sleek configuration makes a 24-inch square pillar that stands eight feet high. White vinyl lettering is removable and can be customized to any message your usage intent specifies. The bold two-tone color scheme provides a pleasing accent interest element and both laminate colors are available in multiple tones to match your interior.


  • Overall Height – 8 foot
  • Overall Width – 24 inches
  • Overall Depth – 24 inches


  • 2 tone laminate
  • Custom white vinyl lettering

Available Upgrades:

  • Premium laminates for the body
  • Stained oak instead of laminate body

Pricing Information:

  • $2675 includes delivery to anywhere in the contiguous United States

To Order: Call Todd at 817.422.2329 or email todd@envisionaryimages.com